2014 Opel Antara GTC

2014 Opel Antara GTC

The new generation Opel Antara GTC (Gran Turismo Crossover) concept in 2014. Opel Antara will have a refreshed exterior look and the size and capabilities will be similar to the Opel Mokka.

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Antara GTC sports car under the hood that has a 1.9L twin-turbo CDTI diesel four-cylinder that makes 212 horsepower. New Opel Antara will get turbo-diesel and gasoline engines, small volume. Engine can be started to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds.

2014 Opel Antara GTC (3)

Exterior design is very luxurious and offers comfort with plenty of room. Intakes are located on the front wheels and along the lines of the hood and exhaust in front of the rear wheels. One of the details are fresh tailgate hinged door opened up and towards the front of the car, so do not force someone else to step back when you open it.The interior is done in style and is characterized by modern materials and a range of options and devices that facilitate driving.

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