2014 Honda Odyssey Concept S

2014 honda-odyssey (2)

Honda introduced a car called the 2014 Honda Concept S is a different thing.This Japanese carmaker’s own words explain the meaning of stylish, smart and surprise. Of the design highlighted, is the Honda Concept S is a stylish design and smart car as a concept car.

2014 Honda-odyssey

The front of the Honda Concept S look more aggressive and sharp. Honda uses LED lights for illumination. The design leaves the form of a conventional car. Profile on the side is quite sleek and aerodynamic, while the rear lights are integrated with the rear glass.

2014 honda_odyssey_

Chrome strip at the bottom.Overall, all the details of the car is stylish. Unfortunately, details unknown engine, this car only uses hybrid fuel system. Attractive design anticipated how this will translate into a final production version.


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